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LIBRA - September 24th - October 23rd

Updated 01.05.2016
Getting some rest and relaxation will ease a persistent health problem. Cancel some appointments and reduce your workload. Soak in a scented bath or take an afternoon nap. Get a massage. Getting a break from the action will give you some much needed perspective. A problem that has been weighing on your mind won't seem so serious. Instead of worrying how this situation will play out, you'll accept whatever life has to offer. Prepare for a delightful surprise. Good things come to those who radiate contentment. Call one of the team of true psychics on 0906 539 1718 to hear why you should follow an impulse to take up a hobby you enjoyed as a child. Painting, writing or playing music will be a relief from stress and help you use your full potential. (Calls cost £1.53 per minute.)

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