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Your Birthday - born 1st, September

Today - discover the make-up of people born on 1st, September ! Tune in each and every day to see the traits and characteristics people born on different days of the year hold.

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Born today on the 1st, September :
Many of these people take a long time to grow up, some still regarding themselves as too immature to make decisions when they are past forty. Often extremely charming, this golden-fleshed but tough-skinned purple plum trades on its toothsome appeal for longer than most because it has always been cherished and lovingly handled. Some indeed, may go through the whole of their life Virgo intacta. Many men can reach high places, driven by the force of their ego, untramelled by the world's seductions and penalties. Marriages and love affairs drift away into space like discarded space capsules. Politics is ideal for this gorgeous reclining addition to the fruit platter of the universe. He will be thoroughly organised, a harsh opponent,but if someone takes a proper bite they will find the flesh bland, lacking the subtlety that comes with a more vivid recollection of the tree that bore him. Women who remain untasted all their life do so by giving in to the temptation to put off any action until tomorrow, which is, after all, another day. Nevertheless, life not always being fair, our plum-bums have a lucky streak. They often scoop large sums of money in later life, then enjoy gold bath tap luxury and other exotic toys favoured by this diamante-studded darling. Now September 1 women, and daughters they hardly know, slide into designer outfits and devote themselves to A-list partying, with a quick prayer that they won't ever again meet anybody they used to know. There may also be late romance and kids, although both sexes will somehow manage to relate to a child as their friend and not as a parent. This person suddenly switches careers and spotting a window founds a new business, possibly in rejuvenating cosmetics or something sparkly-dangly, and makes pots of gold. Or they write a novel, an instant success, and bingo. Pundit Virgo September 1's face is all over television.
Body :

Most people born on September I have vivid, prophetic dreams, reflecting a flicker of the psychic flame common to many Virgos. The women are likely to be extremely fond of dolls and dolls are a favourite dream, indicative of enjoying being coddled. Other common September I dreams include the millionaire dream, an omen of good fortune, and the naked in a public place dream, which can express fears that people see through you, sometimes indicates desire for sex, and sometimes reflects this persons awareness of the role he and she adopts, choosing not to fit in but instead assert their individualistic enjoyment in rebelliousness.
Mind :

People born on the 1st are ruled by the number one in numerology, and in Tarot, the first card in the Major Arcana is The Magician, the key to September 1's meteroic and successful flight through life.

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